McNett ReviveX 300ml water Repellant Spray

Product Code : 21248

Product Description

Helps keep you dry and warm by restoring lost water repellence to all types of breathable fabrics & clothing i/e Fleeces, Hard/Soft shells, Ski & Rainwear, Hats, Gloves etc.

1. Machine Wash
Close all zips. Wash garment in warm water using ReviveX High Tech Fabric Cleaner. Rinse thoroughly.
2. Spray
Hang wet garment on clothes hanger. Hold nozzle 15-30cm away and spray garment exterior. Spray liberally to shoulders and cuffs.
3. Tumble Dry
Dry separately in home or commercial dryer on highest possible heat setting recommended by the garment manufacturer for a minimum of 45 minutes. Do not air dry.

Recommended retail price: 19.90 €