McNett Rexivex Boot Care Gel 120ml

Product Code : 21251

Product Description

ReviveX® Leather  Gel  is specially formulated for all smooth grained leather footwear to provide deep penetrating waterproofing to keep your feet dry. ReviveX Gel, resists staining and will condition and nourish your footwear helping protect the leather from drying and cracking while leaving a rich traditional outdoor look without impairing breathability.
Suitable for footwear with breathable membranes such as Gore-Tex® footwear and Gore-Tex XCR® footwear, and all other types of waterproof breathable footwear.

May smooth and will darken leather. 
Test on a small inconspicuous area.
Not for use on fabric.
Apply to clean, dry footwear with laces removed.
1) Remove laces, vigorously shake bottle for 30 seconds then pour a small amount of ReviveX boot gel onto a clean rag. 
2) Buff into dry leather surface ensuring all areas are coated evenly including welts, stitching and stress areas.
3) Allow to dry naturally overnight away from sources of heat. 
4)Two applications increase effectiveness but allow to dry between coats.
For extreme weather proofing and expedition performance, apply ReviveX leather gel and when dry, apply ReviveX Nubuck, Suede and Fabric Spray.
To improve the performance of your footwear, reproof on a regular basis.

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