Product Code : 65416

Product Description

Anatomic handle by high quality plastic reinforced by fiberglass.
Anti-slip patch for better hold and handle.
Reverse cartridge-type trigger mechanism, for maximum use of the gun length; Stainless steel, heavy duty, reliable.
Charging tackle.
Innovative closed type muzzle, with open muzzle features which provides bigger field of vision and sighting ease.
Aluminum barrel Ø28mm x 1,2mm with anti-corrosion protection and full length rail.
Reel bas with guides
Mechanic line holder for direct line release
High quality  - high stretch Ø17,5mm rubber bands, with brake limit 750%.
Heavy duty wishbone
Inox Ø6,5mm Tahiti spear
With polyester carrying bag

65416 ΕΝΖΟ 60cm
65417 ENZO 72cm
65418 ENZO 85cm
65419 ENZO 95cm
65420 ENZO 105cm

Recommended retail price: 85.90 €