Gear Aid Sea Buff

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Product Description

Special dive mask pre-cleaner or slate cleaner. Sea Buff carefully removes the
silicon residue which exists on all new dive mask lenses due to the manufacturing
process. Removal of this residue ensures that future applications of Sea Drops™, Sea
Gold™ or Sea Quick anti-fog products are more effective.
Keep your dive masks clean and ready for anti-fog treatment. Pre-cleaning with Sea
Buff is step one to the clearest underwater vision and the best underwater adventures.
Clean new mask lenses with Sea Buff™ mask pre-cleaner. This removes the silicone
residue leeched from the mask skirt during manufacturing, and enables anti-fogs to
work more effectively. Regular cleaning with Sea Buff eliminates dirt, algae, mould
and other contaminants that interfere with anti-fog performance
STEP 1: Apply a small amount of Sea Buff to
inside and outside of lens. Rub aggressively,
rinse and repeat.
STEP 2: Buff with a soft, dry cloth until clean,
then rinse thoroughly.
STEP 3: After cleaning with Sea Buff, apply
anti-fog (Sea Gold™, Sea Drops™ or Sea
Quick™) to inside of dry lenses.
STEP 4: Rub in anti-fog with fingers. Rinse in
fresh or saltwater.

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