Gear Aid Seam Grip 7g Repair Kit

Product Code : 21252

Product Description

This kit provides permanent, instant field repairs air-beds, sleeping pads, boots and shoes, outerwear, tents, packs and more. Kit includes 7g. Seam Grip adhesive and sealant, 3 removable Clean Tape™ Patches and an application brush.

Repair Almost Anything—Instantly!

Clean/dry area to be repaired.
Roughen surfaces.

Holes and Tears: 
Create backing with removable tape.
Fill void and 6mm beyond. Keep repair level.
Remove tape after full cure (8-12 hours).

Patch Application:
Apply Seam Grip®, then apply patch over damaged area.
Wipe adhesive from edges.
Item may be used immediately.

High Wear Areas:
Apply thin layer of Seam Grip® to damaged areas.

Apply Seam Grip® to inside of seam.
Use brush or apply thin film directly from tube.

Seam Grip® Dry Time:
Wait 8 to 12 hours.
Test before use.
Uncured Seam Grip® may bond to clothing or other items.
Patch Dry Time: In many cases, if patches are used on fabric, item may be used immediately.
Check patches peroidically. Reaches full strength in 24 hours. For best adhesion, apply heat from hair dryer at low setting for 2 to 3 minutes. 

Recommended retail price: 9.90 €