Polar King 75Qt

Product Code : 31603

Product Description

Ice coolers with Rotomolding technology for guaranteed durability and long service life
One-piece construction, without soldering, for total sealing
LLDPE materials, suitable for food non - toxic, UV - resistant and 
stable at low or high temperatures
Polyurethane thick layer insulation for better cooling
Design suitable for stacking
With decompression valve
Large drain plug
Stainless steel padlock reception - opener
Hand grips with soft grip
Waterproof elastic on the lid
High strength rubber latch
Special non-slip and non-marking bases

Capacity: 75Qt - 70,9L
Weight: 14.5 Kg
Ex. Dimensions: L85 x W46,2 x H45,4 cm
Es. Dimensions: L68,5 x W29,7 x h33,5 cm

Recommended retail price: 279.00 €