Product Code : 41405

Product Description

Innovative Chain-Link Hooks™ on handle for hanging your jug up off the ground and within easy reach

Non-slip textured body and handle are easy to keep your hands on

Leak-resistant gaskets prevent spills during transport

Cool Riser Technology™ improves cooling performance by elevating from hot surfaces

Ultratherm® insulation provides extended ice retention and maximum cooling performance

Swing-up handle is sturdy and comfortable for carrying, folds down for easy storage

Snap-shut flip-cap pours easily, snaps shut securely & folds out of the way

Safe BPA-free lining

Weight: 0.69 kgs
Exterior Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 16.51 cm x 16.64 cm x 29.61 cm

Recommended retail price: 33.00 €